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Lexmark Pinnacle Pro 901 Colour Inkjet Printer Review

The Lexmark Pinnacle Pro 901 colour inkjet printer offers decent speed printing, fast scanning, fax, automatic duplex feature, 802.11n wireless connectivity, and a 5 year guarantee!

The front top fascia contains a superb 4.3 inch colour touch screen which interfaces with the operating system of the machine and gives access to various apps. The paper tray holds 150 sheets and slides out from the base. The more expensive Lexmark Platinum Pro 905 has two paper trays but shares all of the other characteristics of the Pro 901.

There is an eco mode which allows you to always print using duplex mode in draft quality. This will reduce the amount of ink used and save paper!

In the past Lexmark printers have been synonymous with using expensive print cartridges that contain a built-on print head. Fortunately this model uses the fairly new Ink system and a set of 4 ink tanks, number 100 and 100 xl cartridges. The availability of compatible cartridges also lowers the running costs of this machine considerably. A set of 100 XL sized copy cartridges can currently be purchased for around £16. Remember however not to perform the Lexmark on-line update as this may prevent you from using compatible cartridges!

Now that the purchase price of this machine has been reduced and 100 XL compatible cartridges are available, the Lexmark Pinnacle Pro 901 printer may deserve consideration, but cannot compete with the performance of certain Canon printers. If you do not require a fax facility then the cheaper Pro 605 is a better choice.

* There are reported compatibility issues with Mac 10.7 that may be of concern to Apple owners.


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