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Kodak ESP C315 Wireless Printer Review
Kodak ESP C315 Printer Review

The power of television; some would call it a propaganda machine, is evident when talking to the general public about printing costs. Very often the general public says, "I think we will get a Kodak next time!" Without even researching the alternatives they have come to a conclusion based on regular Kodak advertising. Of course what they are saying may be correct. Kodak printers are cheaper to run in some scenarios, but when looking more closely at the figures Kodak printers are not the cheapest options!

The Kodak ESP C315 uses Kodak Number 30 Black and Colour Ink Cartridges with a page yield of 335 black pages and 350 colour pages (depending on page coverage). The typical retail price for the twin pack is around £20, so when comparing costs against other manufacturer prices they come out favorably. However for printer users on a budget who prefer to use compatible cartridges or even refill them the Kodak becomes a less than attractive option. The Kodak 30 series cartridges cannot be refilled due to the use of a smart chip which stops the printer from performing when the Ink level reaches the bottom. Also Ink is used when performing start up and cleaning routines. To make things worse there are currently no compatible cartridges available to replace the Number 30 Kodak cartridges.

Of course printing costs are not the only consideration when buying a printer. The Kodak ESP C315 provides 1200x1200dpi printing at up to 20ppm (unconfirmed), a LCD colour display and memory card slots. The CIS scanner/copier has a resolution of 1200dpi.

The Kodak ESP C315 looks like a decent all-rounder for the money, but we feel that there are better options available on the printer market today. For instance the Canon Pixma MG5250 offers superior print quality and the ability to print on to coated disks. Genuine Ink cartridges for this Canon model are more expensive; however compatible and refillable versions are already available at a fraction of the cost.

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