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HP Deskjet 1050 Review

Often sold in supermarkets, budget printers offer a quick and easy solution to a problem.
For many people with a faulty printer, the temptation to replace it with a cheap machine like this is too great. At the amazingly low price of £30 is the HP Deskjet 1050 multi-function printer. A machine that offers printing, copying, and scanning.

Before you rush to buy this machine, you need to be aware that when the ink runs out you would be presented with a dilema. Do you buy two new cartridges, or a new printer? Unfortunately the cartridges can often cost more than buying the same printer again that contains the cartridges you need!

The HP Desket 1050 uses HP 301 Black and HP 301 Colour cartridges which retail between £10 and £15 each. Sadly they contain very little ink and as a result will need replacing on a regular basis if you use the printer often. On the positive side, every time you buy a new cartridge you get a new print head (built on to the cartridge). This means that print results should be consistent.

In our eyes this printer is ideally suited to the occasional user, giving them a wealth of features for a small initial investment. You get a printer with almost healthy printing speeds, and acceptable print quality, apart from some roller marks on the paper. You also get a useful scanning facility. No colour screen or wireless connectivity is included, but what do you expect for £30?

If you are on a tight budget you may find yourself refilling the cartridges when they are empty. Providing you have the patience and time this makes economic and ecological sense. Therefore we would only recommend this printer to do-it-yourself type of person.

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