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Epson Stylus SX130 Printer Review
Epson Stylus SX130 Printer

Epson have gained a good reputation over the years, selling on the whole quality products. The temptation lately however has been to sell cheaper and cheaper printers, possibly to sustain or gain a greater market share?

Other manufacturers such as Lexmark and HP have been doing this for a few years now, making money out of the sale of the consumables rather than the hardware. The advantage of buying a budget Epson for many consumers has been the availability of low cost compatible cartridges, as opposed to the rather expensive print-head versions of other makes. However over the last couple of years it has been increasingly difficult to source compatible cartridges for Epson that are fully recognized by the printer and perform to a satisfactory standard. Not all compatibles are the same, and public confidence in the cheaper alternative has been waning lately. Will the latest crop of Epson printers using the new T1281 4 series cartridges restore confidence in the brand with the budget sector of the market?

Considering that Epson Inkjet printers generally cost over One Hundred Pounds ten or twelve Years ago, with inflation and the devalued Pound it is hard to believe that manufacturers are able to sell similar products from upwards of Twenty Pounds? Mass production and simplified automated manufacturing techniques have enabled this, but at what cost to the quality of the final product? It is totally understandable that a company who introduce a range of models will offer a sliding scale of features and benefits depending on the purchase price of the machine. In this case, the SX130 being the bottom of the range multi-function printer, we need to examine what has been emitted from the specification, and what effect these emissions have on the printing experience?

The well packaged printer is laid flat in the attractive blue box, rather than on its side for other models. Contained inside is the printer, installation CD, manual, and set of genuine cartridges. No USB cable supplied which is totally normal. You will need to purchase one if you wish to use the printer with a computer as it is not wireless.

The printer is easy to setup, apart from inserting the cartridges which can be a little tricky at times. The printer then charges up, using a considerable amount of ink provided in the starter cartridges. You are now ready to perform a test print.

First impressions of the product are fine, apart from the slow print speed and noise generated when printing. To be expected at this price point, answering our earlier questions about specification and printing experience. Surely what's most important though are the results obtained on paper, and I am happy to report that they are totally acceptable for a low cost printer such as this. The SX130 is capable of printing legible text and graphics (25 seconds per page), and when selecting fine mode, half decent photographs.

This printer is cheap, noisy and slow, but will provide an adequate service in the home. It is best suited to the moderate user printing receipts and the occasional holiday snap. On a budget you cannot go far wrong, providing you remain a moderate user. This machine gets through ink quite quickly!

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