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Canon Pixma Pro 9000 Mark II Colour Inkjet Printer Review

The Canon Pixma Pro 9000 Mark II A3+ 4800dpi x 2400dpi photographic printer was released early 2009 providing low cost professional lab quality results. It has no LCD screen or memory card slots, so unless you use the PictBridge connection for your camera, all printing data must come from a PC or Mac. No wireless or network capabilities either, with connection via USB only.

The box like printer with just three buttons has a wide desk footprint of 660mm due to the carriage being capable of printing 13 inches across. The rear paper tray which has springs to improve paper feeding performance, holds 150 sheets of 80gm up to A3+ size paper. You can also manually load single sheets of thicker media such as envelopes from the front of the printer. There is also a tray to hold CD / DVD disks that can be inserted into the printer so that you can print on to coated disks.

Smart LED tells you which cartridges need replacing with lights next to the cartridges. The Pro 9000 Mark II uses eight Ink cartridges, CLI-8 Black, CLI-8C Cyan, CLI-8M Magenta, CLI-8Y Yellow, CLI-8PC Photo Cyan, CLI-8PM Photo Magenta, CLI-8R Red, and CLI-8G Green. No grey cartridge, so the Pro 9000 struggles to print black and white images, leaving a slight hue. If you switch to greyscale mode then this disappears, however the image becomes a little flat.

Compatible dye based cartridges are available for this machine at very good prices. As the original Canon cartridges also use dye ink, the decison to use copy cartridges is more of a logical one.

This machine was really designed for and excels when printing full colour A3 prints, which it does remarkably well in under 2 minutes. Quality does depend however on the paper media being used. The Pro 9000 was not designed to print on ordinary copy paper. You will need to experiment with different papers and settings to achieve perfect results. Software comes in the box which includes Photoshop Elements 6.0, Canon Easy Photo Print Pro, CD Label Print etc. Color Management Tool Pro enables you to create an ICC colour profile with each particular paper media being used. This helps provide more consistent colour matching and reproduction. Settings are already provided for some non-Canon print media but this utility provides you with the flexibility to use a wide range of media..

In summary, the Pro 9000 Mark II delivers stunning colour prints but struggles with black and white photographs. Newer models with the extra grey cartridge overcome this problem, but if you are mainly interested in producing stunning A3+ semi wide format prints, then this machine is for you! What it lacks in features and gimmicks, it makes up for in quality end results. Low cost consumables can be used to create professional A3+ prints but settings may need to be adjusted to achieve best results. Therefore the Canon Pixma Pro 9000 MK II is great for the photo enthusiast with a fine eye for detail; however the casual user may struggle to get the best out of this printer.

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