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Canon Pixma IX6550 Printer Review

A3 printers have a tendency to command too much desk space; however Canon looks to address this issue with the introduction of the IX6550. To a certain extent it does this, but when in use you will have to open and extend the paper trays.

Filling the gap between decent A4 printers to more expensive A3 offerings, the Canon Pixma IX6550 brings A3+ printing to the home and small office for well under £200. So what do we have to sacrifice in comparison to dedicated A3 photographic printers like the Pro 9500? Well to begin with the IX6550 uses five ink cartridges instead of eight. There is a large dye based black, a smaller pigment black, and dye cyan, magenta and yellow cartridges. Similar to our favourite MG5250 model, the ink tanks slot into the print head supplied.

The ChromaLife 100+ ink in combination with the Canon print head are capable of producing up to 9600 dpi print resolution with minimum 1pl ink droplets. This means that its possible to produce professional quality photographs with healthy print speeds.

When we look at the lack of modern features offered we start to appreciate how Canon have kept the price of the machine below £200. There is no LCD screen or memory card slots and only two buttons on the front fascia, on/off and cancel. The only method of connection with a PC or Mac is via USB, so no wireless or network ability.

As with many current Pixma printer models, running costs can be a little high when using genuine PG-525BK and CLI-526 BK/C/M/Y Canon inks, however compatible and refillable cartridges for the IX6550 are now available. So if you are a heavy printer user you can cut your printing costs considerably by using third party inks!

In conclusion if you require an A3+ printer that produces accurate and clean results for under £200, then the IX6550 is a good option, provided you do not need to print directly from a memory card. There are other printer models around that have more features for the money but do not produce the same quality of photographs. We like the Canon Pixma IX6550 because it performs well in the areas it was designed for without any fancy gimmicks.

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