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Brother DCP-195C / 197C Printer Review
DCP-195C Printer

Brother have built up a reputation for producing solid multi-function printers. The DCP-195C / DCP-197C base model is the latest in a long line of similar offerings.

In comparison to many competing budget printers, the 195C / 197C looks like it is built to last longer than other lighter machines on the market. When lifting him out of the box he feels like a machine rather than a toy. I say “he” because he is not pretty. White and square in appearance, designed more for business rather than pleasure!

You know the drill by now, print, copy, and scan, the three main requirements of a multi-function machine. No colour screen here though, but you can plug in a USB stick and use the LCD display to select the image file name you wish to print.

Although this machine is well suited to small office use, the 195C would not be out of place at home. It offers many of the features often required of a home printer, except for maybe photo printing. Don't get me wrong, this printer will print photographs, and make a half decent job of them, but does not compete with say a Canon ip4850.The printer feels mostly at home printing and copying documents and graphics.

At the front of the case on the right hand side a flap pulls down to expose four slots for ink cartridges. You simply push them into place until you hear a click. The machine will then ask you if you have installed new cartridges before charging up the ink system. This process pumps ink from the cartridges into the printer. Don't be surprised to find your ink levels rapidly decrease while this takes place.

The paper tray is also located at the front, can be completely pulled out so that it can be loaded with A4 or smaller paper. We tried printing card from between 160gm to 200gm without too many problems but any thicker than this would tend to jam. A common trait with bottom loading paper feeds which bend the paper and push it out again in a similar area.

The definition and clarify of the scanner is completely satisfactory for most users. The scan to email option is most useful, often eliminating the need for a fax option which is missing from this model. Photocopying produces crisp images but if better quality is required you can adjust the settings using the control panel on the top of the machine.

In summary, the DCP-195C is a solid all round printer best suited to home and small office applications.

The printer purchase price is above what you would pay for an Epson with a colour LCD display, however this Brother printer seems to be better built and uses cartridges that do not contain smart chips. An important point if you intend on using compatible cartridges. Running costs would be very low, making it a star purchase in our eyes!.

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