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HP Officejet Pro K8600 / K8600dn Printer Review

Soon to be discontinued, the HP Officejet Pro K8600 offers A3+ sized printing at close to laser speeds. This mildly sought after printer, which previouisly had been reduced to £169, has now returned to around £270 due to supply and demand issues. It's appeal being the low cost of printing it provides.

The K8600 and the slightly more expensive K8600dn model (which offers ethernet connectivity and duplex printing), uses HP 88 and HP 88 XL ink cartridges. These large Ink tanks, particularly the XL versions, slot into the HP88 black, cyan, magenta, and yellow printheads. Large capacity cartridges start from around £18 each. Compatible versions of the HP88 Ink tanks are available that offer even better value for money reducing the cost per page even more. You can even get refillable cartridges with auto reset chips to fit this machine, allowing you to use bulk refill ink!

The HP88 printheads which hold the ink tank cartridges cost around £50 to replace. Fortunately they are designed to last the life time of the printer, however heavy users may need to replace them after a while which will considerably add to the overall cost of the printer.

Forget about the lack of features compared to more modern office printers, the K8600 Pro offers superb quality printing of mono text, graphics, and photographs. Results however can depend on the type of paper being used. The K8600 excels when printing on better quality media, producing sharp detail and vivid colours.

The K8600 prints at near Laser speeds; high resolution A3 graphics on best quality mode taking just 75 seconds. Compare this to between three to five minutes for some of its rivals and you will start to be impressed by this machine.

Unfortunately this glowing review must now talk about the problems experience by users of the machine. The most common being paper feed issues and allignment of print. Poor usability is often mentioned together with print head failures. All very disapointing for such a promising start. Particularly as these problems downgrade the average user rating down from five stars to three.

In summary the HP Officejet Pro K8600 provides stunning print quality and fast printing speeds. Ink costs can be very low when using XL or compatible cartridges. What a shame that these models suffer from various operational issues, which the excellent HP customer support team have to deal with on a regular basis, it seems.


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