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HP Deskjet 1050A Printer Review

Just like the Deskjet 2050A and 3050A, HP have recently introduced new printer models and just added an 'A' to the title. Instead of HP Deskjet 1050, the new printer is called HP Deskjet 1050A. What difference does the 'A' make?

The grey plastic finish HP Deskjet printer takes on a traditional look for a multi-function machine. An integrated flat-bed scanner on top, and a paper tray that holds 60 sheets at the rear. However in comparison with many modern day printers there is no LCD screen or memory card slot. Their absences are some of the sacrifices you have to make allowances for the low purchase price. But as most will use the printer in conjunction with a PC or Mac, control will come along a USB cable (not supplied). For simply photocopying you can however press either the black and white or colour copy buttons located on the top side of the printer.

Other noticeable absentees are automatic duplex printing, Ethernet and WiFi connections, and an automatic document feeder. All can be excused due to the cheap initial purchase price of the HP Deskjet 1050A. If however you do require a Wireless connection or colour LCD screen then we would recommend you pay a little extra for the HP Deskjet 3050A.

Set up is relatively easy with the 1050A. After removing the packing tape that stops parts from moving in transit you need to insert the two HP 301 cartridges (supplied in box) into the carrier. The HP Deskjet 1050A then automatically prints an alignment page. You can then insert the 1050A driver disk into you computer and load the printer software. The computer will prompt you to plug in the USB cable into the printer so it can be auto detected.

Black and white print speeds are faster than would be expected for this type of machine but print quality is only OK. Colour graphic and photographic prints are much slower and lack some detail with a less than accurate colour rendition.

Printing costs can be high if you are a heavy user. The HP301 cartridges only contain a few millilitres of ink and will soon be depleted on a long print run. For this reason we would only recommend the purchase of the HP Deskjet 1050A to an occasional printer user; perhaps one who does not mind refilling cartridges, as it seems a shame to disregard the on-board print-heads every time the ink runs out! There are dedicated refill kits available for the HP301 cartridges that make the task easier, meaning you don't necessarily have to get ink on your fingers!

Overall then a safe purchase if you are an infrequent printer user, but beware, the cartridges cost almost as much as the printer!


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