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Epson Stylus Photo PX830FWD Printer Review
Epson Stylus Photo PX830 FWD Review

In the past Epson printers have had a tendency to struggle with producing clean crisp text on printed documents. The Epson Stylus Photo PX830FWD sets out to do just that whilst still providing better than lab quality photographic prints.

On sale now for around £200, the Epson Stylus Photo PX830FWD offers a four in one solution to your home and office printing needs, while at the same time adding style to your desk space. A 20cm touch panel on the front fascia which folds away when not in use offers complete control of the printer allowing you to scan, copy, fax, and print directly from flash memory plugged into the memory card ports. Connection can be via Ethernet, WiFi, or the new Epson Connect service. Apple AirPrint is also supported.

The Epson Stylus Photo PX830FWD uses Epson Claria Inks, which in conjunction with the piezo print head containing over one thousand nozzles, delivers better than lab quality photographs! Epson use advanced Ink droplet technology and advanced performance management to get obtain a print resolution of 5740x1440dpi. Terminologies that sound impressive, but do they transfer to high quality results on paper and disks?

When performing test prints on the new Epson Stylus Photo PX830FWD we were most impressed with the print speed, although it was much less than the figures quoted. As with most printer manufacturers, speeds seem exaggerated unless you print only a few characters on a sheet in draft mode.

Photographic quality is brilliant on paper and disks. The machine really does offer better than lab quality photographs! Unfortunately text documents are disappointing and suffer from the usual feathery finish. Only by printing using text and image mode do you start to resolve these problems.

The Epson Stylus Photo PX830FWD uses the T0807 Hummingbird multi-pack cartridges which cost between £50 and £65. The pack includes T0801 Black, T0802 Cyan, T0803 Magenta, T0804 Yellow, T0805 Light Cyan, and T0806 Light Magenta printer cartridges. Single Genuine Epson Claria Ink Cartridges (dye based ink) are available for around £10 each. Alternatively large savings can be made by using premium quality compatible inks that also contain dye based ink, producing darker blacks. If however you wish to use pigment Inks instead (more light and water resistant), then refillable cartridges can be used in conjunction with pigment bulk refill Ink. The refillable cartridges have auto reset chips (ARC) which work on an artificial cycle, resetting them when the counter reaches the bottom. This means you can repeatedly refill them with either Dye or Pigment inks, driving down the price of printing even more than compatibles.

This machine has much to offer; best of all high quality photographic reproduction, but we were disappointed with various other aspects of the printer. The scanner quality is only just OK, text and graphics documents displayed imperfections, and the paper feed mechanism can have a tendency to jam on occasions. Therefore we feel that the PX830 FWD is primarily a photo printer with extra features for infrequent office use. It struggles to compete with the Canon Pixma MG6150 which offers higher quality features in our opinion.

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