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Epson Stylus Photo R2880 Review
R2880 reviews

Epson's A3+ semi professional photo printer was launched Summer 2008 and is still available to this day.

Using eight pigment inks, Photo Black T0961, Cyan T0962, Vivid Magenta T0963, Yellow T0964, Light Cyan T0965, Vivid light Magenta T0966, Light Black T0967, Matte Black T0968, and Light Light Black T0969 producing a wide colour gamut. You can choose between two black cartridges, depending on the paper media you are printing on. One point to mention is that every time you change a cartridge the printer will clean the heads using up valuable ink! It is a shame that it is not possible to clean just one cartridge head at a time! There is also a charging cycle for when the printer has not been used for a while. This will waste and send more ink to the waste container.

The R2880 has a simple control panel (no LCD screen). There is a USB connection at the rear for connecting the printer to a PC or Mac and another USB connection at the front to connect to a camera. A disk tray can be inserted in the front to print onto CD / DVD coated media. The rear paper feed holds 120 sheets of plain paper.

The Epson Stylus Photo R2880 accepts paper media up to A3+ in size, down to 4" x 6". There is also a roll paper support to the rear of the printer which holds 8.3" and 13" wide rolls. We found the roll to be a little close to the case of the printer which can cause tightness and slipping, ending in blurred results. With certain rolls it may be necessary to loosen (unwind) some paper to avoid such problems.

The printer driver software comes with ICC profiles for all types of Epson paper. It is important to use the correct profile so that colours are closely matched.

Compatible cartridges are available at a fraction of the cost, although they will probably contain dye ink. Dye inks are less resistent to fading but can produce darker blacks. If using compatible inks then we highly recommend you pay to have profiles made for each type of paper you will be using. There are companies who offer this service for as little as £8 per profile. This involves you printing test sheets on to the media of your choice and sending them off to be profiled.

Another consumables option is to use refillable cartridges and dye based bulk ink. This would reduce your printing costs even further. Again we would suggest arranging for profiles of each type of paper to be made.

The R2880 produces great full colour, and great black and white prints (by swapping the black cartridge). It is only let down in our eyes by the rear manual paper feed being picky, tightness in the roll feed with some media, and the small capacity ink cartridges that will require regular replacement when making A3+ prints and performing head cleaning routines. Apart from this the R2880 is a good buy at under £500.

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