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Epson Expression Home XP-30 Printer Review
Epson Expression XP 30 Home

Following on from the older Epson S20, S21, and S22, the new Epson Expression Home XP30 home printer is the smallest A4 printer ever from this manufacturer. Aimed at the student market where savings are often required, the XP 30 looks to save on space, power, and running costs.

As with the earlier S models, there is no scanner which also means no photocopy facility. There are also memory card ports of a colour screen to view photographs, so no printing without the use of a PC or Mac. Like the others it is designed and built for the simple printing of documents and photographs.

During the last twelve months or so Epson have made their printers smaller, recognising the need of the consumer with limited desk space and environmental sensibility. The smaller sized cases go hand in hand with the various designs on offer, and the absence of a scanner means they can make it even smaller. The glossy black plastic exterior looks attractive until the dust quickly settles and seems to be attracted to this finish. Maybe the reason why Canon is changing to a matt textured finish for their new printers?

Buying a modern bottom of the range printer does not exclude you from printing decent quality images and photographs. They may keep you waiting longer but the end result can be extremely pleasing, however there are limits and you cannot expect to emulate the performance of more expensive machines. Fortunately for the undemanding and untrained eye, the Epson Expression Home XP30 performs adequately. In fact when printing on the text and image standard setting on ordinary A4 paper the image quality is good and the speed was surprisingly quick. However when we tried to print an A6 photograph on the Photographic paper setting we were kept waiting nearly three minutes, and then the quality of the print was disapointing.

Cost wise, the XP30 currently retails around the £40 level, £15 more than the old S22. We think that this model will eventually be reduced in price in a few months. The sooner the better as £40 does not represent great value for the limited specification on offer. A set of the new Daisy 18 Inks will also set you back £25, with the 18 XL versions cost around £50. Sadly the low capacity ink contained inside of them means printing costs can be high.

We think that this printer is OK for the moderate home users or young student for printing their course work. Compatible cartridges are gradually getting cheaper and refillable cartridges are now available. The initial purchase price is a little high at the moment but should be reduced soon.


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