Epson Workforce WF-2510WF Printer Review
We have been selling the Epson Workforce WF-2510WF printer in our shop for approximately eighteen month. A long time for the same model of printer to be on sale! Printers are usually swiftly superseded by a newer but not necessarily better version. So you begin to wonder why this one is still with us. Well let’s take a look at this machine and try to work out why it has so much staying power?
WF-2510WF Printer with Scanner Lid UpAppearance wise it trails behind some of the more attractive Canon and HP printers with their aesthetically pleasing curves and large colourful LCD screens. The WF-2510WF only has a small mono display alongside the outdated fax buttons. Yes I agree a fax can be useful maybe once a year, but to be completely honest email has taken over from this dated technology. It is easier to copy to email and send it as an attachment rather than plug in a fax line.
The shiny black printer looks rather plasticky and cheap. The front paper outlet pulls down and extends and the rear paper feeder/holder pulls back and extends.
Compared to other slightly more recent Epson models, this printer occupies a larger footprint on the desk. Many of our customers are looking to save space, and this printer just about passes the test with most, but some are looking to save even more room on the desk. It doesn’t appear to be a deal breaker, but I am sure a sleeker design would have increased sales.
Why did we first begin to stock this machine? Well a regular customer of ours who is now my architect for drawing plans on my home extension, first mentioned the WF-2510WF to me. He requested we bought him one in, and nearly 18 months later he has four of the same model printers. So Coming from an intelligent business man I look at his decision to buy four of these WF-2510WF printers as a loud and clear endorsement for the model. Particularly as he has now printed thousands of sheets on them!
Lets now add a counter balance to the above statement. Three of the four printers have suffered from blocked printer head nozzles which fortunately have been cured using our head cleaning cartridges. He is such a good customer I gave him a free set! So far he has had to use them six times but he sees this as a small price to pay for cheap reliable printing on a budget.
In fact the WF-2510wF resembles one of the earliest Epson Eco tank models, except for the missing ink tanks on the side and being sold at less than a third of the price. So it represents great value for money, particularly if you use refillable cartridges and dye refill ink with it. For less than a hundred pounds you can have a cheap printing machine that can easily be refilled again and again. If refilling is not for you then a set of compatible cartridges cost just of ten pounds.
“What do you want to use your printer for?”, I often ask. “Documents, photographs, leaflets?”
This printer is ideal for printing leaflets. It is sort of medium duty and capable of printing several hundred sheets at a time. The print quality is more than acceptable, but lacks the fine detail of some other machines. So if it is photographs you want to print, well that is OK providing you are not too fussy. If you are a photographer with a keen eye then you may be disappointed, but the average home user will be satisfied with the quality of the photographs.
The WF-2510WF is a WI-FI printer but does not support AirPrint mobile Printing applications. The WI-FI can be slightly tricky to set-up but our subcontractor IT technician has installed a few of these for our customers without any problems.
Overall and to summarise, the Epson Workforce WF-2510WF is a solid reliable printer for office documents and general family printing. It is capable of printing OK photographs but we would not recommend it as a photographic printer. The printer looks outdated and does not benefit from some of the latest features like mobile printing, but it is cheap to buy; cheap to refill and maintain. Leave it in a dark corner somewhere out of sight and it will be waiting for your WI-FI or USB communicated print job.

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