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Canon Pixma MP280 / MP282 Printer Review

Launched in autumn 2010, the Canon Pixma MP280 / MP282 budget multi-function printer is now available for an amazing £30 (November 2011) from various retailers in the UK. Here we investigate whether the modest investment is a worthwhile consideration.

The low initial purchase price of the machine Canon Pixma MP280 / MP282 means compromises have been made with the features, specification and running costs. To begin with there is no WiFi compared to the slightly more expensive MP495 model. There is no LCD screen; instead a mono one character LED display. There are 9 standard buttons on the top control panel and a series of LED indicators. The matt black lid lifts to expose the 1200x2400dpi scanner. Paper is fed from a rear tray and out at the front. The only method of connection is via a USB cable (not supplied).

Surprisingly print quality for both black and colour documents is fine with the 4800x1200 print resolution. There is however a slight reaction when black pigment ink is combined with the dye based colour ink, causing slightly blurred edges. Photograph reproduction is also as good as can be expected for the type and price of this machine.

The Canon Pixma MP280 / MP282 is great value for money except for the inherent running costs. The machine uses a Canon PG-510 pigment black cartridge and a CL-511 dye colour ink cartridge. These cartridges contain quite a low capacity of ink and have built on print heads; increases their price considerably. There are higher capacity cartridges available; PG-512 and CL-513, but these cost considerably more.
Users on a budget or ones looking to fulfil their green credentials will refill them with their own ink. Fortunately there are kits available to do this that can save both the planet and your pocket.

If you are an ocassional printer user looking for a budget printer, then this model may be suitable for you. We would recommend that you take a look at the slightly more expensive Lexmark S305 because XL compatible cartridges are now available.

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