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Canon Pixma MG4150 Wireless Printer Review
Canon Pixma MG4150 Printer Review

The new Canon Pixma MG4150, which at the launch date costs just under £90, offers printing, scanning and copying. Cased in the usual glossy black plastic, this latest Canon printer will quickly collect finger prints. The slightly box-like but sleek and curvy design has a fold down front to expose the output paper tray which pulls out and extends.

The top panel features a 60mm LCD screen (not a touch screen), and below menu buttons including a navigation wheel. A bright blue LED light shines to indicate when there is a successful WiFi connection. Just below this sits SD and Memory Stick ports, and lower even still a power on/off button.

The MG4150 can be connected to a PC via a USB cable or by using the WiFi feature which is also compatible with AirPrint or the Canon CloudLink application. We found the wireless set up to be fairly quick and painless and the added bonus of mobile printing can be useful.

As per usual actual print speeds do not match the printer manufacturer's claims. We struggled to print eight pages per minute of black text instead of the listed 9.9ppm. While for colour pages only 2ppm were achieved instead of the quoted. In addition the MG-4150 offers duplex printing but this is also very slow. Fortunately both text and colour image quality is rather good.

Quality of the scanner which has a resolution of 1200x2400dpi is disappointing. Copying standards can suffer as a result, with a single copy taking around 30 seconds. There is no automatic document feeder ADF.

Software included in the box on CD includes Canon Creative Park Premium, Full HD Movie Pint, Easy PhotoPrint EX, and Easy WebPrint EX.

Loading the ink cartridges into the carriage slots at the front-right of the machine can be tricky. It is hard to see what you are doing, meaning you have to bend down or tilt the printer up into the light! The Canon Pixma MG4150 uses the fairly new PG540 and CL541 Fine print cartridges featuring the ChromaLife ink system. They have a built-on print head but only contain a small amount of ink! Fortunately they can be refilled, but you will struggle to get a decent capacity of ink meaning regular filling is required.

In our opinion there are better options around; particularly from Canon themselves! The slightly more expensive MG5250 and MG5350 models offer similar options and better quality. They also use a five ink cartridge system which is cheaper to run (compatible and refillable cartridges available) and a separate print head. Until the price of the MG4150 is reduced significantly, potential buyers should look elsewhere.


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