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Brother MFC-5890CN A3 Printer Review
Brother MFC-5890CN Printer Review

Sometimes even when a bargain smacks you in the face you have to think whether you really need it or not! Currently the Brother MFC5890CN is being offered for £100 by some retailers.

For a ridiculously small amount of money you get a mult-function machine network ready A3 printing machine with 50 sheet document feeder and fax facility.

The usual catch for acquiring a piece of printer hardware so cheaply is that the ink cartridges are expensive to replace. Nothing like that here, in fact consumable prices can be very cheap indeed. You see this is an older model being sold at a dramaticaly cut down price, and the LC1100 model cartridges have been on the market for a couple of years now. Both compatible and refillable versions are available, re-inforcing this purchase as a clever move for the small business owner and certain home users. I include home users in this analysis because the MFC-5890 can be used for printing up to A3 sized photographs! OK, maybe not as well as a dedicated A3 photographic printer, but hey, there's nothing wrong with experimenting, particularly with a machine that is capable of producing nice results. After all there are flash memory card readers on the front fascia, and a large colour screen to view your pictures. Meaning you can use it as a standalone device.

Before you hurridly buy one of these machines we must point out the sluggish print speeds compared to its rivals. You will wait a minute to print 6 pages of text, and 60 seconds to print 3 pages of graphics. Having said all of this results were pleasing! Even photographs looked very good when printed on photographic paper. So if you are not in too much of a rush the MFC5890 will deliver the goods for you, but more slowly that more expensive to run Canon and HP printers.

Another factor that may delay your decison to buy is the lack of Wireless capability. In recent times WiFi has become increasingly important to computer users, enabling them to position the printer almost anywhere in the house, not necessarilly next to the PC. Although this Brother is not Wireless, it does offer a cabled network ability, allowing it to be used by multiple computers in your building.

One more concern for scrapbookers may be the A4 sized scanner instead of an A3 version. Oh almost forgot to mention, no double sided printing (duplex) option. But we are prepared to forgive Brother for these imperfections, because by buying this machine they will provide us with a multi-function A3 printer that is cheap to buy and cheap to run. Just what the Doctor ordered in these times of recession!


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